Ruby Cup in Kenya

For each Ruby Cup you buy online we give one to a schoolgirl in Kenya. This way, you enable girls to move freely and to pursue their life opportunities all while you invest in your own health, help to protect the environment and save money.

Local partners

Ruby Cup values cooperation and partnerships. We work closely with the community, schools, girls clubs, community based organisations, and NGOs. Our local contacts are amazed by Ruby Cup and support us when we introduce Ruby Cup to school girls. Also, we involve the girls’ parents to give their consent so they are aware and supportive. This inclusive approach gives us local support and provides education to both sides.


One of the biggest parts of our work in Kenya is to educate girls on basic reproductive health, menstrual hygiene, and how to use Ruby Cup. During our Ruby Cup workshops, many questions arise. Ruby Cup trained field staff eduates about basic anatomy, general hygiene, reproductive health issues, and of course Ruby Cup. Many of the Ruby Cup related questions can be found in our FAQ section. Before we hand out the cups, all girls have to pass a Ruby Cup quiz in order to make sure they have understood the information and how to use Ruby Cup.

Symbolic price

Empowerment, partnerships and transparency are part of our value system. We want to empower girls by giving them dignity and self-esteem. One way of doing exactly this is to charge a symbolic prize for Ruby Cup (usually 100 Kenyan shillings or an equivalent to one pack of sanitary pads). Paying something small gives the girls a sense of ownership and ensures they take care of the product. Paying a symbolic price and owning their own Ruby Cup makes them feel proud, independent and cool. Read letters from girls here.