Social Mission

The Ruby Cup social mission

Menstrual cups are a menstrual hygiene product that can provide a solution for women and girls who cannot afford sanitary products. One cup can last for 10 years and gives a girl the freedom and confidence to stay in school and access education in order to reach her full potential.

Ruby Cup applies a Buy One Give One model and works alongside local partners and organisations. This offers a solution to the menstruation problems that many girls and women face in developing countries. Our main focus country is Kenya but we have also worked with local partners in Zambia, South Africa, and Uganda. Check out our Blog to read stories and case studies and see the positive impact to date.

Local partners

Ruby Cup values cooperation and local partnerships. We work closely with communities, schools, girls clubs, community based organisations, and NGOs. Our local contacts support us when we introduce Ruby Cup to new schools, and provide us with local knowledge and understanding. Girls’ parents, families and the local community are equally important. We ask parents to give their consent so they are aware and supportive. This inclusive approach gives us local support and provides education to both sides.

Have a look at all the Ruby Cup Partners.

ggfOne of our trusted partners is the Golden Girls Foundation (GGF), who empowers women and girls in their community. It is based in Kisumu, Kenya. GGF works with mentors, to ensure that there is a woman mentor at every Ruby Cup distribution project that is able to offer support and guidance to girls.

Ruby Cup have worked with many other Kenyan organisations, have a look at Ruby Cup In Kenya to see more about our work with East African partners.


One of the fundamental parts of our work in Kenya is to educate girls on basic reproductive health and menstrual hygiene. Providing the right information and guidance is a vital part of what Ruby Cup do. Ruby Cup field staff in Kenya run educational sessions alongside the distribution of menstrual cups. They educate about basic anatomy, general hygiene, reproductive health issues, and about how to use and clean menstrual cups. Ruby Cups are given to the girls only when the right information and advice has been given, so that we know each girl understands and feels ready to start using her cup.


Education workshops